Pack On Muscle To Become The Superhero Of Your Own Life And Totally Dominate Work, Rest, And Play Every Day, In Every Way 
Lose weight and keep it off forever. Build the body and mindset of your dreams.
Take control of your life...without giving up steak, pizza, beer, and cocktails.
Another day, another look in the mirror after your shower, and another nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. 

You don’t much like what you see. 

Somehow, the pounds have crept on.

Somehow, you end up feeling tired most of the time.

Somehow, another day of routine meetings and calls and writing reports that no one reads at the office seems less than thrilling.
You’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of work.

Not that you have a bad life. You’re doing better than most and you’re not one to complain.

You just feel a bit...meh.

You think: “I'm tired of looking like this. I've been in this body for too long. I want to change but I just don't know how to begin.”

You were once the confident, high flyer in the office who kicked ass every day.
 But now it’s years later. You’ve added 20 or more pounds and a beer gut.
The 20-something-year-old guys in the office are nipping at your heels, and you worry about losing out to one of them on the next promotion.

At home, you often don’t have enough energy to keep up with your kids.

 So you finally decide it’s time to get the pounds off.

 First, you try jogging every day because you think that’s the answer.

 You realize it’s boring and takes too much of your time.

 Second, you try a generic workout program you found online for a couple of weeks.

 You realize it doesn’t help you get rid of the aches and pains you’ve developed over the years.

 Then, you try some quick fix “fad” diet you found in a magazine at the grocery store.

 You realize it doesn’t allow you to enjoy meals with your family or date nights with your partner.

Finally, you realize that life happens:
  • Urgent meetings and work travel are causing you to skip workouts.
  • The workouts and diets you find online create information overload and are tough to follow.
  • ​A kid gets sick and completely throws off your workout schedule.
It’s months later and your belly has gotten bigger due to poor eating, stress, and inconsistency.

Does this sound familiar?

It does to me because I’ve been there.
Hey! I’m Johnnie Perry, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.
I also love pizza and red wine.

I’ve been interested in building muscle and burning fat since I was a kid. But I never thought of pursuing a career as a coach. I earned a Finance degree, an MBA, and worked for a mortgage company for over 10 years.

During that time, I sat on my ass, put on over 25 pounds of fat, lost my confidence, and developed some aches and pains.

Then I decided to do something about it! I lost 25 pounds while still enjoying my favorite foods.
I Did It and You Can, Too.
Since then, I’ve followed my passion. I’ve been helping busy men just like you lose fat, add strength and muscle, while gaining control of their lives. My client, Ted, is just one of the few examples of men like you who needed my help.
Ted’s Story and How It Can Help You 
Lose Your Beer Gut
Ted is a busy corporate executive. He loves being active and spending time with his family, a wife and two small children.

He considered himself to be “mostly” healthy as he worked out five times per week and participated in an adult sports league. 

Sounds like Ted is a pretty active guy, huh? 

However, even with his high level of activity, Ted still couldn’t get rid of that layer of blubber sitting over his belly. He also really loves Oreos.

Ted wanted to show his family how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. He needed a plan that helped him lose body fat and not take time away from them.

What was Ted missing?

Ted was missing a customized training and nutrition plan with top notch accountability that provided flexibility with his family and work schedule.
“I lost 15 pounds and 4% body fat in the first 8 weeks! I’m thrilled by the results and I didn’t have to kill myself in the process. Initially, I thought going from five days of working out to four wouldn’t makes sense, but it really did help. I could be more explosive and I saw better results.”

“I gained better self-control and ate healthier snacks. I didn’t fully deny myself, but I was proud that I showed better self-control.”
You deserve the same thing I did for Ted…
I’ll help you lose annoying belly fat without killing yourself in the process by using a simple four-part strategy that will give you energy and reveal your best body. 
#1 – You Need A Customized Nutrition Plan
You’re a busy guy.

Your customized diet will help you build lasting habits to get and keep your new body. You won't have a plan that interferes with family time. Instead, your plan will be flexible enough so you can enjoy a weekly date night out and a fun meal with your kids. 

You’ll learn the skills to develop sustainable eating habits such as:
  • Food tracking – You need to know how much you’re eating so that you stay on track to lose body fat.
  • Meal flexibility – You need to know what type of meals and foods can be used as substitutions when you’re crunched for time or traveling.
  • Hunger awareness and attention – By paying better attention to what you’re eating and portion size will help you lose fat, get lean, and improve your health.
#2 – You Need To Recognize That Generic Workouts Don’t Work
Your customized training plan is built around you. You’ll be able to train around your own schedule. The days of adjusting your schedule based on a trainer’s availability are over.

Your customized training plan will be available at your fingertips via a customized training app so that you can pull it up on your phone before you even hit the gym floor.

Your training app includes:
  • Custom workouts that will make you stronger and lose fat while training around previous injuries, aches, or pains.
  • A training calendar where you can log the results, never guess what weights to use, and see how your progressing on each exercise
  • Exercise video demonstrations to make sure you’re training safely with proper instruction.
#3 – You Need Accountability and Guidance
It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling or in the comfort of your own home. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. We’ll take consistent actions toward the goal of changing your body and mindset.
  • ​You’ll have step by step guidance to cut through the confusion of how you can lose fat.
  • You can message me any time via your customized app to ask questions on how to adjust your meals or workouts.
  • We’ll hop on a Skype call each month to address any challenges related to but not limited exercise form, challenges with nutrition, and the next phase of your training plan. 
  • ​We’ll have a weekly email check-in to make sure we’re doing everything possible to help you torch that pesky beer gut.
#4 – You Need To Build Sustainable Habits
Quick fixes aren’t the answer. Long lasting change requires a shift in mindset. Changing your body requires you to build new habits. 

Building a habit is like a fine wine. It takes time. It takes as long as 66 days to build one. 

I’ll coach you as we focus on the big rocks that will set you up for success even after you’ve lost your beer gut.

You’ll torch body fat while being able to enjoy time with friends and family, no matter where you are, while being supported by expert experience.
See How Rich Built Lasting Habits
“Johnnie assessed my goals and studied my diet over time. He also created a program that’s allowed me to drop weight while keeping and adding lean mass.”

“I lost 16 lbs in the first 48 days of the plan! Soon, I’ll be in a weight range I’ve not seen since college. My wife jokingly notes that my butt has gone missing, but neither of us are displeased with the results.”
Over 3 years, Rich has reduced his weight from 208 to 164 lbs. He now has healthy habits in place that will last forever.

You can do this too!
imagine this..
Imagine…waking up every morning, feeling like you’re going to dominate the day.

Imagine…wearing a new suit as you walk into a meeting and people are shocked by how good you look because you made the decision to lose weight.

Imagine…your partner looking at you with admiration because you improved your health to be around longer for your family.

If you’re truly interested in finally losing the annoying 20 plus pounds that’s given you a beer belly and low energy levels, let’s hop on call to see if we have a match.

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